NOTES: Power ratings are based on opponent-adjusted performance for each regular season game and are calculated and updated every Tuesday. They do not take into account injuries or suspensions (e.g. if Aaron Rodgers gets injured one week, Green Bay’s ratings will take several weeks to reflect more accurately the extent of lesser performance of the Packers’ passing offence). Volatility is a measure of how consistent a team or team’s unit is. High volatility means low trust. In 2017, the Raven’s had a non-volatile (trustworthy) yet poor offence. Jacksonville was the opposite near the end of 2017, very good but inconsistent. This can also be related to a team getting rapidly better or worse. Betting value based on where the AF ratings diverge from the Vegas lines. AF point spread estimates are based on its power ratings plus adjustments made for trades and injuries to key players (almost always to quarterbacks). Changes in other positions tend to be considerably less impactful to a team’s performance.