Can Rams Unshackle Mediocrity in LA?

While the Rams have a longer standing reputation as being a slightly above average to average team, the AnalyticalFootball power ratings only partially confirm that. The ratings in particular show the period between mid-2013 and mid-2014 (during the Kellen Clemons / Austin Davis at quarterback era) as one where the Rams were clearly an upper echelon team due in no small measure to an above average passing attack. 

St. Louis / Los Angeles Power Ratings 2013-2015
St. Louis / Los Angeles Power Ratings 2013-2015

Will Jeff Fisher and his perpetually close-but-not-quite-playoff-team Rams thrive in LA?

Both running the ball (with Todd Gurley of course) and defending against the run (with a defensive line lead by  Aaron Donald) are current strengths.

The bold move to trade up to get Jared Goff at QB in the draft certainly takes aim at the greatest relative weakness of the Rams at present, the passing game. The Sam Bradford experiment did not work. Neither did the revolving door that saw several quarterbacks take meaningful snaps in recent seasons. If the Goff move pays dividends sooner rather than later – which is probably not terribly like – the Rams could rise above mediocrity quickly.  More likely, especially in a division where you have to play four games against the Cardinals and Seahawks every year, this will happen more slowly if at all.